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Company culture

company culture


1, the core concept
The core concept of Shenzhen Mascot Jewelry Co., Ltd. is "fashionable Design and technology skills, reasonable prices, the credibility of the supremacy"

2, corporate mission
Create wealth,service for the public benefit and society

3, the core values
The value of a person is higher than the value of a thing, the value of the enterprise is higher than that the employee, and the social value is higher than the value of the enterprise.

 the system

Shenzhen Mascot Jewelry Co., Ltd. in order to ensure the corporate culture of heritage, dissemination, implementation, implementation, annual meeting will be carried out Every year to Make sure that Planned at beginning And summary
after ending,Continuous innovation!
Third, the main features

1, the courage to innovate
Innovation is the relentless pursuit and the direction Of ShenZhen Mascot Jewerly

2, adhere to integrity
Adhere to integrity, reputation first, is the core value of Shenzhen Mascot Jewelry Co., Ltd.

3, caring staff
Company employees as the core business capital, so that employees in the company a long ability, up wages, up happiness index. The company implemented an annual staff holiday system,
Give reimbursement staff play consumption, so that employees in the work of a year to get the pressure to release the way.

4, do our best
Companies work on high standards, the pursuit of all more and more excellence!

5, the implementation of strong
The implementation of strong corporate culture is the main features of the prominent,Just do it, do not drag! Corporate system reward and punishment, the award will be, the law on the fine.

6, improve the overall quality of staff
Company to carry out a study, discussion and speech every year to improve the overall quality of staff.

 the rich carrier of culture (corporate activities)

1, once a week dinner, to promote harmony between the internal staff.
2, in order to allow employees to maintain the physical and mental health, improve efficiency at work, the company will once a month to carry out outdoor sports.
3, the annual Hong Kong Jewelry Show, will bring some employees to go to exhibition, to expand more knowledge.
4, 51 annual holiday, the company will organize staff travel groups,
5, each year a series of employee games. Including football, basketball, badminton, table tennis, tug-of-war, fun games and other rich sports events.