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A wedding ring maintenance strategy books Let the ring lasting bright

  Wedding ring is new by carefully selected, the provisions of the wedding ring is two people together life. Wedding ring in the late maintenance should not be ignored, how to make your wedding ring has been bright is dazzing, such as when you buy? Small make up today about the most complete with everybody together to learn about the diamond ring solution, let your diamond ring send out glare.

A wedding ring maintenance strategy books

A wedding ring maintenance strategy books

1, careful knock against, and scratches

You can have several kinds of jewelry, a piece for each piece of jewelry as soon as possible. Because the material of each piece of jewelry, hard brittle, put together, between accessories scratch, a scratch; Do strenuous exercise, the better was picked ahead of schedule, in order to avoid violent clash, shedding of diamonds, rings of metal surface will be hurt.

2, maintain the cleanness of the ring

When you do the housework, to take a bath, sleep, or when handling the hands give easy access to some of the items, please take off the ring. You can also do a little clean, in warm water, dip in with soft hairs diluted cleaner brush, then rinse off with clear water can complete a simple household cleaning, but must be very careful in the clean.

3, do not casually take off your love in public

In public toilets, a public swimming pool, please don‘t take off your ring, it is likely to be lost, or a call in the pool. Can carry a small bag, silk or velvet texture collection at any time.

4, avoid contact with too many chemicals

Clean spirit, kitchen cleaners are commonly used in daily life, such as cleaning supplies, and hair dye, is easy to cause harm to the ring, so do the housework, do beauty, don‘t forget to take off the ring temporarily, or put on a pair of rubber gloves, can protect your hands, and can also protect your ring.

5, regular nursing professional jewelry

To maintain good your wedding ring, in addition to daily life more careful, professional jewelry nurse practitioner can give you more help, to visit them regularly, check whether the gem on the ring or wear and tear, and the professional cleaning. Some large shopping malls have help you with stones of nursing professional counter.

Above is the small make up to bring the wedding ring of small maintenance strategy, will need to believe that there must be friends.