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How to buy wedding diamond ring The choose and buy of is not myth

  Diamond ring bearing a lot of women‘s dream, it is perfect or not is also a new topic that people CARES all the time, how can we avoid the pitfalls when the choose and buy a diamond ring is a priority, if you are the choose and buy a diamond ring, might as well take a look at, buy a secret hidden in the diamond!

How to buy wedding diamond ring

Myth: diamonds are very cost-effective discount? Years alone makes stunt and merchants of the time, must have a lot of new people have through various channels to get the discount store brand counter message, so whether the diamond ring on sale information also gives you a lot of temptation? According to the business to earn money in the mind, in fact, after the discount of the diamond is not will be "value".

Myth 2:1 carat diamond value more than money? This question will be asked, want to also have a lot of new staff serving you if sinister, completely will some beneficial to his sales information to tell you, for you to bring down the wrong path, so when buying a diamond, such problems still ask for less good, we can understand the basic knowledge of the diamond and then go to the choose and buy.

Myth 3: buy the many facets of the diamond. Diamond has the size, the bigger the drill stone surface can be, the more instead of small diamond facets will reduce accordingly, but if the diamond thoroughly and cutters are fine enough that it will be worse than those who cut, poor penetration of the big drill bright many times.

Myth 4: VVS diamond must be the best. This viewpoint is too one-sided, various factors affecting the diamond and 4 c standard is the main, precise, of course, the perfect cut influence on diamond brilliance is one of the biggest, so will first consider when buying a diamond size, cut, color, and finally considering its clarity.

Mistake 5: "the pigeon egg" is very valuable. This really is not enough precise, if you hand "pigeon egg" like carina lau‘s hands that worth 4 c indicators that must be very perfect, but if the color in J, rough cut and clarity is poor, so even 1 carat diamond is also not very valuable, there is little appreciation of space.

The above is the small make up to bring us get married diamond ring buy matters needing attention, the hope can help you.