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How to maintain married diamond ring Get married diamond ring nursing taboo

  Every bride are eager to have a precious diamond wedding, in shining bright in the presence of eternal love and commitment. But care about the diamond ring is not a small thing, caress attentively pledge of love, here small make up teach you married diamond ring nursing taboo, see how diamond ring the maintenance.

How to maintain married diamond ring

Get married diamond ring nursing taboo:

1, avoid violent vibration: although many inlaid jewellery base design is very strong, but severe vibration of the sentiment not advisable. Some work is tapping, should pick. Only love your jewelry, it keep shining forever.

2, avoid wearing ACTS the role of laundry, bathing, pearl afraid of acid, can‘t contact with detergent.

3, avoid is put together piece of jewelry, such as: a diamond will scratch other gems easily; So, after using their secret, frame storage.

4, avoid chemical gas and pollute the environment, such as: all jewelry is jealous of sulfur, an emerald avoid pesticides, and other spray.

5, avoid is put together with the cosmetics: ring one thousand on cosmetics, glory will be weakened; Diamond, in particular, is very easy to stick on oil kind of cosmetics, strictly separated.

6, avoid drugs: some medicines can produce chemical reaction to jewelry, jewelry discoloration, metamorphism.

7, avoid high temperature: some gems not high temperature resistant, or dehydration and cracks, or discoloration. Such as opals and they were afraid to high temperature. Jade in 55 ° above will dissolve to lost wax on the surface of a layer of protection, reduce the burnish feeling that wax.

8, avoid wearing ACTS the role of sports, power tools, such as: sweat fatty acid and urea on pearl have etching effect, so there are "the lingnan north wear beads ridge". It was cold in the north, the sweat less, should be wearing.

9, avoid mercury gold: gold mixed with mercury, the production of the mercury in the steam - amalgam alloy.

10, avoid water pearl, Turkey stone, opal, coral, amber, etc. With water. As with liquid detergent, water may lead to crack.

Above is the diamond ring nursing taboo, prospective brides must understand a lot, to maintain your love the fence!