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Knowledge about the engagement ring, rounding

  About the engagement ring is a legend, otherwise why to engaged with the ring, want to know, you can see with small make up a understand.

The engagement ring

To order the wedding diamond ring symbolizes love tradition originated from Europe in the 16th century. First as a marriage promise diamond engagement ring probably dates back to the 1503 Venice, wedding ring from now on become the content of the traditional wedding. Another theory is that archduke Maximilian of Austria (Maximilian) Burgundy Mary (MaryofBurgundy) to the bride‘s ring it is said that is also the world‘s first engagement ring.

Engagement ring usually have a prominent diamond, hand-held was when he was one knee kneel down it. Many girls also based on the degree of shock of engagement ring or want to say yes.

Wedding ceremony of exchange, is usually a relatively simple but elegant ring. For men, are more likely to accept, also make the usual "never take" convenience.

When choosing to buy a wedding ring, reasonable size is very important (yes, even more important than a ring faces). In the professional brand buy wedding ring, you must try out the most suitable size. I have a friend wedding ring always easy to remove, often feel reduces the sincerity of marriage; More friends ring so small, put his fingers, very beautiful.

Western tradition is that the selected ring should be within the circle of lettering, after the first to use Latin "god has given to man by the combination of no one can separate". For us, romantic and faithful, is engraved on each other‘s name and the date of the wedding, is uniquely your own.

According to tradition, an engagement ring and wedding ring worn on the right hand and left hand fingers. With a romantic interpretation is ring finger veins to the heart, also is the traditional source of love.

Now more popular a kind of practice is to put the engagement ring and wedding ring sets on one finger, look fashionable expensive gas.

Finally, if truly in love, what material wear the engagement ring is not important.